Monday, April 28, 2014

It's been a while...........'s been a while!!! 

Well I have been away from my blog for a while now....those of you that know me will know why.....but for those that don't here is what's been going on for the last 6 months.

September 2013 I posted that I was changing from KZ Photographic Images to Kim Ingram Photography because it was time and I finally was able to use my name as the domain!  YIPPY!!!   Well I thought I was going to be off to a great start and then my dad got sick.  I had moved back to Orlando in December of 2011 to help my dad and be there for him.  It was getting harder for him to drive and get around and I felt I just needed to be there. It was an adjustment moving from N. FLorida back to the home I grew up in BUT I'm glad I did!!!  I was blessed to have parents that taught me how to support myself and be a good person. Although I have always been too trusting of some people. I always look for the good in people but have to realize nowadays people are just out for themselves most of the time.....oh well...I know GOD will take care of me if I am diligent in what I do....OK....OK...I feel I need to stop rambling on......cut to the chase ....I am back in N. Florida in my home on 10 acres and adjusting to loosing my dad in November.... Both my parents are gone is tough!  But I am realizing there are soo many memories and soo many things that happen that remind me of them and I just have that to hold onto now.  I love photography!!!  I am getting focused now!  LOL...that was not meant as a pun!!! BUT I am getting FOCUSED on my life as a photographer and artist. I want to be able to let people see things thru my eyes....thru the LENS!  Please check back as I am going to blog more now!  So please leave me your comments and ENJOY Life!  You never know what tomorrow brings!

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